You have done your research and identified a number of IT support firms in New York that you believe would be a good fit for your business. You have narrowed down to a short list of IT firms you believe can help you achieve your business goals. You want to make your final selection but don’t know how to settle on one of them. When you have a number of excellent IT solutions firms like, it can be difficult to choose one of them to hire. In addition to obeying your instincts, here are a number of things that can help you do your final selection.

Tech certifications versus field experience

The constantly changing nature of the tech industry means that IT experts have to constantly learn to stay relevant. It also means that field experience far outweighs tech certifications. Learning things from books is important but sometimes the information is outdated and may not offer the best value.

Field experience gives tech experts the platform to come across everyday challenges and find current ways of solving them. Many hours in the field are better than the knowledge gathered from books. In any case, given the diversity of information technology, it is not practically possible to learn everything you need to learn from books.

Imagine buying IT books about security, printers, desktops, servers, laptops, cellphones, accounting, databases, websites, remote access, malware, and the list goes on. The best way of staying ahead of the pack is by constant learning in the field. An expert who has been in the field for many years understands not just the working of different technologies but also how these technologies work together to achieve set business goals. This information can only be learnt in the field

Preventing problems versus fixing them

You should go for a New York IT support firm that knows a thing or two about preventing IT problems rather than running to fix them after they occur. The business world has moved away from the idea of waiting for the systems to stop functioning before calling the experts to fix them.

This approach is outdated and can bring your company incredible loss. Today, business executives value the tradition of system monitoring and maintenance to make sure there is no one time that the company will lose valuable time waiting for the IT support experts to fix their company systems. Preventing system problems is cheaper than fixing them.