As many people working in a hardware lifecycle management knows online piracy has become a major problem on just about every continent on the Earth. Besides that, the Digital Age has made the problem an even more serious problem as the piracy isn’t just about pirated DVDs but also illegal online downloads. The war on piracy is taking place throughout the world, and

IT calculating computer resale value a South African company has also decided to take steps to fight it.

GJ van Rooyen is the chief executive of Custos. He said that movie piracy has skyrocketed during the last few years. He joked that it’s so easy to do now that even grandmothers can complete the process. Rooyen told the information to News24. It’s making a business model for the multi-media industry that can’t be sustained. That’s due to a pool of paying customers who subscribe to pay for content. On the other hand, the number of people not paying for content is increasing very rapidly.

Custos can also be credited for a world first. The tech company received a patent that embeds a unique type of Bitcoin digital identifier known as a “wallet” within each digital copy. The wallet file is unable to be extracted from the data, and it identifies every recipient of every copy as a unique user.

In terms of the situation in South Africa, the tech has a lot of potential for media companies that are small/independent, as well as distirbutors that want to safeguard their investments. Being able to protect local content such as movies, TV, and music helps to ensure that content’s creators get the financial payments they are due. TI’s one of the most important selling points of Custos.

Piracy has become a major problem in South Africa. Connor Addis explains that his company has seen the statistics about the issue. However, the right tech can protect media products and make more practical distribution channels for online content. He thinks clients will then help to reduce piracy and illegal downloads.

Custos thinks that there will be a drop in downloads from streaming services that offer their customers an affordable and legal method to access content. Some examples include ShowMax and Netflix.

On the other hand, Custos and its tech will keep helping to reduce illegal content where it’s starting.

Piracy is such a major issue that 20th Century Fox likely won’t be participating in Comic Con this July. The reason is that the company is concerned it won’t be able to protect exclusive trailers/footage that it usually unveils as part of the event’s panels. However, there seems to be reason to worry. During last year Warner Bros. and Fox showed trailers for new movies. However, soon after video that wasn’t authorized surface on the web.

In fact, there was so much interest in “Suicide Squad” that the director released an official version of the video on YouTube only a couple days afterwards. Such situations affect studios to have control over their own promotion campaign, which can become a major problem.