About us


We are an easy to recognize content platform, whose sole concern has been to serve the readers with the first versions of the most accurate updates in the world of technology. Through the passing years, we have had a lot of fun testing strategies out in effort to keep the passion burning in our readers, who all love tech as much, if not more than our teams.

Experience is the one key factor we hang on, given that combined, the writers working on the content have more than a century of knowledge that the readers enjoy reading from on a daily basis. Everything that they have learned during their years of service keeps getting applied into every single article they submit for publishing.

It is always the desire of our founders to get closer to the readers, and we have since optimized the processes that lead to content being published and getting read. Even after being published, we lean into the conversations that always spark on from the articles and effectively from a community around each of the pieces. We have since created an entire department around the need to respond to readers in as timely a manner as possible.